Diane Farnsworth - Bakersfield, CA

I talked to you about three weeks ago about the EquiPedic pad and ended up ordering one when you told me about the 28 day return guarantee. I admit I was skeptical. I haven't done a 50 mile ride yet, but have put in a few long training rides with the EquiPedic. I can tell a real difference in my horse when I use the pad. He moves in a more relaxed manner, is easier to collect, and overall, he seems much more comfortable in the varied terrain we train in. I'm very glad I bought the pad. For the first time since I've been riding this horse, we are both very comfortable.

Miranda Johnson - Campbell,
CA Level 2 Parelli Student

You guy's are gods. The pad is incredible. I have both the western and English AP pads. My horse moves so much better with your pad. Nicholas's back rises up into the saddle and after about 15 minutes of riding, if I go to a loose rein he goes into collection naturally!

Gabby Newbold - Watsonville, CA

My horse had severe collagen tumors on her back. Our local veterinarian, Charles Kessinger, DVM would burn them off, but they would return in a short time regardless of the pad or saddle I used. Dr. Kessinger suggested I try the EquiPedic saddle pad. Not only did it eliminate the saddle fit problems we were having, but the collagen tumors haven't returned. I can finally ride my horse again without causing her discomfort thanks to the EquiPedic saddle pad. Your saddle pad is wonderful!

Alexandra North - Carmel Valley, CA
USA Pacific South Pan American Championship Team Member

I have spent the last 4 years chasing white spots around Butter Bea's back put there by various saddles. Finally the white spots are gone. Your pads work great for Butter Bea. They did a great job in 2003 at the Twenty Mule Team, Washoe and Swanton Pacific races. Butter Bea even took Best Condition at Swanton. I tell every one how good this pad is.

Becky Hart - San Jose, CA 3 Time World Endurance Champion

I love the EquiPedic pad. Both my horse and I feel better after riding 50 miles on your pad than we did before.

Cia Reis
1st Place Pan American Championship
2003 USA East Pan American Championship Team Member

I have been using your pad and I love it!. I've used it on 3 different horses and it works great on all of them. The EquiPedic saddle pad had many more assets than any other pad I've used. I have always preferred felt or wool against my horses back. The EquiPedic uses felt which incorporates memory foam for a secure, complete fit. I love the way it is shaped to my saddle and goes to the girth. GREAT DESIGN, GREAT PAD !

Jonathan Bowman
USA Pacific South Pan American Championship Team Member

The pad seems to make a very even sweat mark on either side of his back. It leaves a 2 inch line down the center of his back that is sweat free. I assume this is because of better air flow.

Something that I find interesting is that the sweat mark does not go down his sides very far, maybe only about 10-12 inches. My other pads seem to leave larger sweat marks. It appears that he is sweating less with this pad.

The problem that I had at the Californios 100 race was that his back was tender to the touch after the ride. He does not seem to have much soreness now using your pad. I had used a venting pad under a Skito Equalizer on that ride (I had been training with that combination for a couple of months) & I think it either burned him, or rubbed him too much. His skin flaked off (like dandruff) after about a week.

By-the-way, many of my endurance friends are very envious of the pad!!! They should be. It worked great at the Pan American Championship!

Nicole Wier
USA Pacific South Pan American Championship Team Member

The pad works great! At the Pan Am Games in Trout Lake, even in the heat of the mid day, my horse's back was relatively dry. We got A's at every vet check. The vet's kept on asking me what saddle I was using. I kept on telling them it was the pad!

Becky Glaser - Boulder Creek, CA
Chef d'Equipe USA Pacific South Pan American Championship Team

I rode this pad for 50 miles and didn't believe it. I rode it 100 miles and didn't believe it. so I rode it another 100 miles and still didn't believe it. I have ridden Supracor for years and never believed that a saddle pad could make a difference in the way a horse performs. Your saddle pad does, my horses perform better and have more energy. I will recommend that every member on our team use this pad at the Pan American Championships.

Christy Landwehr - Tyler, TX Certified Horsemanship Association

We tried the pad on three different horses. A 3-year-old Quarter Horse mare that is just being started under saddle, a 6-six-year old Appaloosa who is training for endurance riding and a 20-something Thoroughbred who is used for riding lessons. We found that the EquiPedic pad brought the mare's back up and through more than the pads we were using in the past. She felt as though she was actually raising her back to meet the pad and therefore meet our seat. The Appaloosa actually sweat less underneath it and was cooler after his ten-mile training rides and the elderly Thoroughbred didn't act as grumpy with the beginning riders who were learning how to post.

Ted RobinsonTwo Times World's Greatest Horseman

I had six inch dry spots with my other pads. They're down to the size of a dime with your pad.

Derrick JonesLevel 2 Parelli Student/NATRC - Capitola, CA

My SaddleRight pad always slipped and got my horse too hot. The Skito pad I bought seem dead and didn't absorb enough impact. The EquiPedic pad doesn't slip at all and my horse is much cooler and comfortable, even on long competitive trail rides

Cameron HolzerUSA Central Pan American Championship Team Member

I love this pad! Even though I was freezing at the Pan Am Games, my horse was comfortable and moved great!

Andrea PaceUSA Central Pan American Championship Team Member

This pad is the best. I've been getting great marks on back at all my rides.

Dorothy Miller - Quincy, CA

These are really a good pad.We just replaced our Boz saddles with Synergist saddles. Your pads and these saddles are practically a custom fit. There's barely any overhang front and back and the sides are the perfect length. My husband and I purchased your endurance pads at Horse Expo. Two weeks later we put them to the test on a very hot 50-mile endurance ride. They came through with flying colors. Our horses did extremely well, coming in 10th and 11th after a long 8+ hours in the saddle. They were still strong and their backs were perfect. We had no trouble with pulsing down as per criteria and I attribute their comfort and performance to your pads. Thanks for such a great product!

Van Hargas - Sulphur Springs, TX

Better than Supracor.

Marcy Payoyo - Hanford, CATrainer

Hi I just came inside in amazement and thought you would appreciate this story. I have a very sensitive mare that I had been having problems with bucking. A year ago my friend (who is a trainer, also) and I felt maybe my saddle wasn't fitting her right (It seemed fine, but she would trot around with a

high head and then sometimes bust out with a bucking fit - the rodeo type buck, not a kick out). So, I bought a new saddle and for good measure, I bought an EquiPedic pad, also. I have been riding her for about a year with the saddle and pad and she was doing so much better - dropping her head at the trot, and no bucking fits.

Today I saddled her up but with another name brand therapeutic gel pad - the EquiPedic was in the trailer and I didn't want to get it. I sent her around the round pen to warm her up and she stopped and looked at me after about 10 feet. I asked her to move again and she started rodeo bucking all around the pen trying to get rid of the saddle. Once I got her stopped I pulled

the saddle off to look if maybe something was under the pad or the saddle was not on right. Nothing, so I saddled her up again and sent her off. She

bucked even harder this time. I stopped her, pulled the saddle off and sent her around without anything - she was fine. I went and got the EquiPedic pad - saddled her up and sent her off. She went trotting off licking her lips - I asked her to canter - no problems. Until now, I didn't know what had solved her problem - the saddle or the pad. Now I know. It was the EquiPedic pad.

At some point in time, I will need to get the roper pad - the standard sized is just a little small for my saddle; however, until then, I will happily use my pad and be ever grateful for making my mare comfortable under saddle.

Robyn Stahl - Natic, MA

I have 3 of your pads, an English, a standard Western and a Reiner. They are unbelievable! They work so well. Perfect sweat marks every time. All of my horses round up to meet their saddles now. Their backs dry quickly and they have more energy. The only thing that has changed is the pad.

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