Polo Players Edition

July 7, 2003



The Equi-CHARGE Oxygenated Energy Recovery System in the EquiPedic line of saddle pads uses Holofiber to increase transcutaneous oxygen levels. The significant increase of blood flow and increased oxygen levels were demonstrated in a double blind study on diabetic and vascularly impaired patients performed by Dr. Lawrence A Lavery, Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago earlier this year. Dr. Lavery stated: "The significant changes observed are very compelling for this type of product. An 8 to 12 percent improvement in skin oxygenation could increase marginal circulation enough to improve wound-healing or eliminate ischemic (localized tissue anemia due to the obstruction of inflow of aterial blood) pain." Extensive equine testing is continuing to validate comparison between human and equine results, and to determine added benefits.

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