Robin Malkasian - Hebron, CT

I LOVE my EquiPedic pad. Would you please just duplicate the order that I placed last week: Black, english (fit perfectly with my Synergist DSS Trail) , 1" inserts for endurance? Just ship the cheapest way and put on my VISA.

Dean Conti - Kent, WA

I just completed my first distance ride, a 25LD at the Klickitat Trek this past weekend. I used the pad I purchased from you with my Free and Easy saddle and it worked flawlessly! There were 76 starters and 66 completions. It was both my and Jimmies first competition and we came in 7th overall (3:12), and 5th BC. There was no soreness or excessive heat buildup under the pad. Clearly it was money well spent! Thank you again for your help

Kim Vargo - Cold Spring, NY

Hi all - I've seen a few postings on both the Barefoot saddle and the EquiPedic pad..I just wanted to let you know that I love both! I recently got my Barefoot saddle and my mare LOVES it - as do I - it is extremely comfortable for BOTH OF US...I don't ride endurance but my mare and I do log 5 - 7 mile trail rides and she is as happy at the end of the ride as the beginning. So far so good! And I think it's a great price for the quality!
The EquiPedic pad is by far, hands down, the best pad I've ever used - with either a treeless(I also have an Ansur) or a conventional saddle. Kisset is kept much cooler, uniform sweat pattern and she moves out so much better - even when I dare use her conventional saddle with an EquiPedic pad! Just my two cents....I really love the combo of the two and am extremely pleased! Hope the feedback help

Wendy McDonald - Boulder Creek, CA

I have an endurance pad. Love it. Just bought another pad (western) at General Feed in Santa Cruz.

Gary and Cindy Chase ( - Phillips, WI

I love the EquiPedic pad. Both my horse and I feel better after riding 50 miles on your pad than we did before.

Cia Reis
1st Place Pan American Championship
2003 USA East Pan American Championship Team Member

I purchased one of the Equipedic Pads and am totally blown away by the thing!!!

The workmanship is awesome and tonight I finally got to try it out on my horse. What a huge difference it has made in her. She is a 3 yr old Tennessee Walking horse who is just learning how to balance me and find her natural gait. After a short 5 minute warm up, she was happily flying down the trail, rounding up her back and totally relaxed. When I took off her saddle – no dry spots and no tender areas. I really love the fact that there is pad where you need it and not where you don’t making contact between the horse much better. Amazing product and well worth the money!!!! I will be buying another one for my husband!!

Thanks to the nameless salesman for all his support at the Wisconsin Horse Fair and for bringing this fantastic pad to sell!

Chris Littlefield - Monticello, FL
SEDRA and AERC member

Finally! Logic and my husband kept telling me that $200 for a saddle pad was just ridiculous. So I spent $50 each on 3 separate saddle pads trying to find the one that would make the difference. For just $50 more, I could have had it RIGHT the FIRST time!

The first time I used the EquiPedic pad the impressions left on the underside after un-saddling verified where my problem areas were…my horse’s withers and over the kidneys. After closer inspection I came to the conclusion that I have been riding with my saddle too far back. Once I corrected the problem, the soreness and impressions have disappeared. My horse has become more rounded and his canter is back to being smooth as glass.

Recently, my massage therapist said it was the best Gus had been since she started working on him 2 years ago.

A friend who has decided to try endurance asked what equipment I would recommend. Without hesitation I told her to SAVE money by investing in your saddle pad FIRST.

Karen Sarul - U.S. Army NAF 221st BSB, Germany

Hi! I recently ordered a Western Pad and an Endurance pad for our two North American Curly horses, as well as socks for my husband and I. The pads are AMAZING, both horses sweat FAR less and act much less cranky about being saddled up. No fuss, no foot stamping, no turning to look back and make faces when we saddle up… as a matter of fact they act like they now ENJOY seeing us coming with their saddles. The rides start out smoother, the young horse does not “drop” his back and the older horse does not avoid the pad coming at his back by “doing the dance”. Holy cow, a pad can do all THAT? Thank you, thank you, thank you! Slowly but surely we have been ALL OVER Germany in really fancy riding stores with every kind of pad for every kind of riding... NONE come close to the flexibility of your pad, all others appear to be "squishy!,
but they actually pack down very hard once you put pressure on them.
After seeing a lot of pseudo-"therapeudic" pads in person, I am very thankful I trusted my instincts and "splurged" on your pad and not on any others from the Internet! I can't believe how good your customer service is - and how good your product is. Wish I had found you earlier.

Stacy Sadar - Richfield, OH

I purchased an EquiPedic pad .... LOVE IT ..... so does my horse!

Skyla Stewart - Garden City, ID

LONG story short: I had a pad eat my horses back up real bad. I treated his back twice with DMSO, the hide basically peeled off. I bought a Dixie Midnight, which I love and will continue to use. Did a slower 75, and the bald areas were barely affected.
Started to treat these rubs with Melaluca, BAD idea, did a training ride and had HORRID, unreal chemical burns! Looked like someone had stuffed fat onion rings under his skin. I thought maybe the skin was going to pull away from the muscle. Stopped
the Melaluca, iced the spots 2x a day. Four days later, swelling was gone, and so was the pain. I had ordered an EquiPedic Pad during this lay-off time. It came in on day five. This was
Tuesday before an endurance ride weekend. I rode for an hour in
the hills. All looked great, and he was really moving out nicely. Wednesday, I rode for an hour again in the hills. He was still quite happy, and his back looked great. Decided to go on to the
endurance ride, and see how things went. I must say, not only did he move out the best he ever has, his back, come Sunday morning, was better then when we started. I took a two hour trail stroll today, just to see how things were. He was not the least bit sore anywhere on his back. He was a moving out machine, walked up a storm, as that was all he was allowed to do. At this time, in my opinion, I would say the EquiPedic Pad, did all it claimed, and then some. For my horse and our situation. The saddle fit has always been close, but not quite "there". This pad seems to be the missing link in our fit. I can't wait to ride again. Only wish I had tried this pad long before now. The cost of the pad still seems quite steep to me. But, it appears to be working perfectly, so in some way may have been a "bargain". Skyla and Tempo-much happier now, thanks EquiPedic.

Sheri Feagle - Framington Hills, MI

I LOVE MY NEW SADDLE PAD, it is by far the best western pad that I have ever used. Far surpassing all the Professional Choice pads that I have used in the past 20 years. Thank you for developing this great pad. My horse and I love the comfort.

Vicki Weiper - Talihina, OK

I wouldn't put anything other than an EquiPedic on my horse. He's had chronic back problems for quite awhile, which seems to lessen quite a bit when ridden with an EquiPedic. I'm using it with an Aussie saddle, and have used it under several other saddles with success. I, also, was a little skeptical when I read all the claims on the website, but I'm a believer now! These are well worth the $$.

Donna Rozell - Bogata, TX

I purchased an EquiPedic pad in March and I am the happiest person on the planet. My granddaughter of Dash For Perks and First Down Dash is now relaxed and cooperative. I am thrilled with the change in her behavior since she got some relief for her back with your pad. I was about to spend the money to have her back cast and a saddle and pad made for her. Your pad saved not only dollars but time and effort.

Kathy Garner- Bakersfield, CA

I purchased an EquiPedic pad some time ago and love it. Most people on Ride Camp know that "some" people will bitch if hung with a new rope & love to argue/beat a dead horse.

Most people take everything they say with a grain of salt & think for

Your product is very good and my horse (Taz) and I are satisfied customers.

Terry England - Moscow, TN

I wanted to drop you a note regarding the Skymont endurance ride this past weekend, the Equipedic pad and Blazes' back. Three words ... IT WAS GREAT!

Due to being out of town prior to the ride I was only able to test the pad under a borrowed saddle BMSS in the round pen for a few minutes late Thursday evening, leaving for the ride early Friday morning. As usual for saddling, Blaze did his stretching, I am going to fall over while saddling / cinching up, which I do very slowly and in stages. I lounged him a few times, then got on, he gave me no problems astride as usual, also I had not been on him for about two weeks. Did not ride on Friday, like the horse to rest after traveling, by the way he vetted in with all A's and a pulse of 34, I was impressed. I also made sure that all three vets, whom I know, knew of my concerns regarding his back issues.

Sat. morning saddling was great, I had brought the pad into the trailer for the night as temp's were in the 30's, and the foam felt hard to me, I wanted softness to start with. Blaze saddled very easy, no pulling, rearing, no stretching, he did have to be cinched up very slowly, but that should be done anyway. Also did not do any warm up excersise, as friends dropped by at last minute, we were camped right next to start line, and away we went. The ride was great, very pretty on top of the Cumberland Plateau, miles of windy single track through the woods, very up/down, with a good number of very deep bogs. To me this is one of the hardest ways to ride, as you are always twisting and turning, my saddle and pad stayed in place, I do use a breast collar, no tail coupper, we complete all vet checks with A's, especially his back, low pulses in 40's, no re-sadddling issues for next loop.

We completed the ride in sound shape, I thought Blaze moved a lot better, also the BMSS I borrowed was 1.5 seat sizes smaller, I know I rode him better.

As a note, LD's are training rides for us, I take every minute of that 6 hrs to complete, in some ways LD are harder to complete than 50's as I have a tendency to go slower on a LD ride. I think we had a few minutes to spare at the finish, had to walk right into the final vet check, pulse was down, which means core temp was down, which means his back was cooler.

I am very pleased, I think the pad made a lot of difference, and of course riding in a more secure saddle seat helped.

Kathleen Allbee - Ames, IA

Hey this Is Kathleen Allbee from Iowa, we spoke on the phone last week, I received the pad on last Friday, I finally was able to use it today, I do admit I wasn't sure if it would really work like you said well guess what It is great!!!!!!!! Now I'm at ease and feel like I'm not hurting my horse anymore. I really put it to the test she worked hard. This pad is for keeps!!!! I will surely recommend it.

Julie Suhr - Scotts Valley, CA
22 Tevis Completions

Richard, Maggie Bannerman purchased an EquiPedic saddle pad for me. I used it today on a 2 1/2 hour ride and I really liked it. I felt it absorbed a lot of shock between rider seat and the horse and it made my ride more comfortable and my horse seemed happy with it

Laura Hayes - Brocton, NY

I have an EquiPedic pad, and used it on two 50 milers with two different horses using the same saddle (a cheap Abetta with a thousand (literally) miles on it.) I felt the pad caused the saddle to fit better on both horses than it had with the 100% wool pad I had used previously. In both horses I had previously seen dry spots on either side of the withers without the EquiPedic- no spots or tenderness with.

Karla Watson - Portland, OR

All this technical talk about these pads is making me dizzy....all I can say about them is that I have had success with all of my endurance horses with this pad. I had white hairs on my bay with my old Skito pad. Changed to EquiPedic and they are gone. Changed in beginning of year, thru Spring, Holiday and now getting winter coat, all thru ride season....still no white hairs! My daughter's horse is white so we don't know about him but he used to get Bs on "back" on his vet card. Changed him to EquiPedic and he now gets As on "back." That also got him a junior Best Condition recently! Both horses moved better with this pad. We both ride in sport saddles. Yes this pad is spendy but when you start getting those white hair heat marks, you kind of get upset and will do anything to change it.

Barbara McCrary - Davenport, CA
Ride Manager Swanton Pacific

I love it. It is by far the best pad of any type I have ever used. It definitely solved a big problem in my situation: I have a saddle that I love, but it has a wide tree and I bought it for a different horse. The EquiPedic pad is thick and takes up enough room to keep the saddle off my current horse's withers. I've ridden two 50 mile rides so far, one of them rather tough, and his back is perfect. Before I bought this pad, I could tell that no matter what saddle I used the horse was not comfortable going down hill. complaints from the horse.

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