Product Review – by Christy Landwehr

July 4, 2003

EquiPedic Saddle Pads: Comfortable Backs, Happy Horses!

By Christy Landwehr
Development Director

Everywhere you turn in the horse industry there is information about correct saddle fit. Even in this issue of The Instructor, we have a great article on fitting saddles for group riding programs by Jim Glunt. Now I am not saying that saddle fit is not important to achieve optimal performance from your horse, but what about the pad?

Most of us do not ride our horse with just a saddle, and with so many pads on the market picking one can be a challenge. But if you could find a pad that could make the horse feel better, then wouldn't he perform better? This is the philosophy at EquiPedic, Inc.

Combining phase change material, pressure relieving foam from TempurPedic?, natural wool and non-coated breathable 1000 denier Cordura; EquiPedic pads help to eliminate saddle fit problems and keep your horse cooler when it's hot and warmer when it's cold.

We tried the pad on three different horses. A 3-year-old Quarter Horse mare that is just being started under saddle, a 6-six-year old Appaloosa who is training for endurance riding and a 20-something Thoroughbred who is used for riding lessons. We found that the EquiPedic pad brought the mare's back up and through more than the pads we were using in the past. She felt as though she was actually raising her back to meet the pad and therefore meet our seat. The Appaloosa actually sweat less underneath it and was cooler after his ten-mile training rides and the elderly Thoroughbred didn't act as grumpy with the beginning riders who were learning how to post.

We tried the pad out in all weather temperatures ranging from 30 degrees to 75 degrees. We found that when it was cold out the pad took about five minutes to mold to the horse's back, other than that there was no change.

Another benefit to these pads is that they are machine washable. You just remove the foam insert and wash away. Additionally, the pads are orthopedic, anti-slip, antibacterial and anti-fungal.

EquiPedic pads currently come in a western style in the colors of black, green, and red. Available this Holiday, EquiPedic, Inc. will be enhancing its line of saddle pads to include an endurance and English pad that are made with Holofiber™, a proprietary patent-pending textile that works with the body’s own energy system to increase oxygen levels, build strength and accelerate muscle recovery. These saddle pads can actually lower the body surface temperature of the horse for extended periods of time while protecting its back from ischemic pain that causes white hairs from lack of blood flow.

Regardless of which style of EquiPedic pad you choose, the system provides the ability to keep horses 4-to-7 degrees cooler for extended periods of time, can increase transcutaneous oxygen levels in the area under the saddle, and gives the horse superior comfort levels. “These unique features can give the rider and the horse an extraordinary advantage when performing,” said Richard Sacks, EquiPedic’s CEO.

CHA is excited to welcome EquiPedic, Inc. as a new corporate partner. Due to this new relationship, CHA members receive great discounts when buying EquiPedic products. Look for CHA to be carrying EquiPedic products in its product line in upcoming months.

You can contact EquiPedic by phone at 575-523-0900 or visit their web site at

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