EquiKool™ uses Outlast® technology to lower the surface body temperature of your horse when under performance!

Unlike membrane wicking fabrics that just transfer limited amounts of moisture, EquiKOOL™ turns your saddle pad into an active cooling system.

EquiKOOL™ is laboratory-tested and field-proven to keep your horse 4 to 5 degrees cooler for extended periods of time.

Outlast® Technologies' products contain millions of microspheres which are preset to a temperature appropriate for the product.    
When your horse's body temperature exceeds the preset temperature, the microspheres absorb the excess heat creating a cooling sensation. (Fig.1)  
When your horse's body temperature drops below the preset temperature, the microspheres release stored heat to keep their body warm at cooler temperatures. (Fig.2)  
Your horse's body heat and the ambient temperature continually recharge and recycle the microspheres to help keep your horse's temperature balanced and comfortable.  

EquiKOOL with Outlast® technology.

Stay cooler when it's hot and warmer when it's cold.