A Smart Textile Engineered To Optimize Performance

The EquiCharge™ Oxygenated Energy Recovery System for horses takes advantage of recent development of smart textiles that are engineered for performance. EquiCharge™ incorporates Celliant™ (formerly known as HoloFiber), a fiber based on rare earth elements. Celliant™ (formerly known as HoloFiber) is optically responsive to wavelengths of ambient light as well as energy produced by the body. The mechanism involves interaction with cells that include the mitochondria (the power source of the cell), and influences increased oxygen levels in body tissues. This more readily available oxygen, can result in improved metabolism, an increase in energy as well as faster recovery from exertion.

Athletes Know It Works. Science Proves It Does.

World class athletes, including an Olympic Medalist, have been training in Celliant™ (formerly known as HoloFiber) products for over one year. As professional athletes, they want everything possible to help get the best performance. The experience has been extraordinary. Celliant™ (formerly known as HoloFiber) increases the recovery from muscle soreness, enabling them to compete more and in great shape.

A double blind clinical study recently proved that the effects of Celliant™ (formerly known as HoloFiber) to be compelling and significant. The study was conducted by Lawrence A. Lavery, DPM, MPH, an associate professor in the department of orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation at a major university medical center. Under the direction of Dr. Lavery, subjects with a history of diabetes and vascular impairment were evaluated.

The results of Dr. Lavery's study, using products made with Celliant™ (formerly known as HoloFiber) and controlled non-Celliant™ products, indicate measurably increased oxygen levels observed and recorded in the body and blood in subjects wearing the Celliant™ products. This testing demonstrated that there was a "Statistically significant change in transcutaneous oxygen - or the oxygen delivery to the skin - in hands and feet, on subjects wearing Celliant™ gloves and socks compared to those wearing comparable non-Celliant™ gloves and socks."

"The significant changes observed are very compelling for this type of product. An 8 to 12% improvement in skin oxygenation could increase marginal circulation enough to improve wound-healing or eliminate ischemic (localized tissue anemia due to obstruction of the inflow of arterial blood) pain of the legs," observed Dr. Lavery.

But what is the value of Celliant for the larger, “non-challenged” population? A study was done among healthy subjects, male and female, ages 18 to 50 (the mean age was 32.12 years).

Thirteen subjects with no history of diabetes or other vascular disease were chosen, in a random sampling. They were evaluated using transcutaneous oxygen monitoring (a non-invasive technique).

Subjects were requested not to drink any caffeinated substance (coffee, soft drinks) for two hours before the test, since caffeine causes vasoconstriction, reducing blood flow to the extremities.

Wearing Celliant textiles and placebo textiles, oxygen levels on the forearm and foot of the healthy population were observed to increase in the test, 29.97% in the forearm, and 10.18% in the foot.

Non-diabetics obviously don’t have the same issues as diabetics regarding wound healing, but a greater perfusion of oxygenation for the general population means greater energy, and faster recovery from exertion.

What Does It Mean For Your Horse?

The physiology of human and equine cell structure and circulatory systems are very similar. Extensive equine testing is continuing to determine additional benefits. It is expected that at least the same levels of performance found in the Celliant™ clinical study can apply to horses.

The EquiCharge™ Oxygenated Energy Recovery System with Celliant™ can increase the blood flow and transcutaneous oxygen transfer to the skin under the saddle pad. This area is typically traumatized by impaired blood flow and tissue damage. The visual manifestation is known as white spots on the withers. The EquiCharge™ Oxygenated Energy Recovery System can greatly minimize the appearance of these white spots. Increased oxygen levels to the back of the horse can also result in improved metabolism, an increase in energy, as well as faster muscle recovery from exertion and strain caused by the rider and the saddle. Similar results can be expected when products (wraps and splint boots) with the EquiCharge™ Oxygenated Energy Recovery System are applied to other areas of the equine body.

The competitive advantages of The EquiCharge™ Oxygen Energy Recovery System are equally compelling. Improved metabolism, increased blood circulation, increased energy and endurance, and faster muscle recovery are normally the result of drugs or supplements. Top level equestrian athletes and their riders want everything they can possibly find to help get the best performance possible. Now, with The EquiCharge™ Oxygenated Energy Recovery System, there is no extra effort and it really benefits your horse. Riders in every discipline, endurance, reining, hunter/jumper, dressage, roping, cutting, eventing and reining, will find they have an unfair competitive advantage!

EquiCHARGE™ with Celliant™
Oxygenated Energy Recovery System